Unleash Your Swing: Where Golf Meets Tetherball

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Klock It Golf helps to increase golfers’ efficiency by focusing on ball contact and swing speed to improve your drive or irons.

Perfect Your Swing

Repetition is the key to retention! Klockitgolf helps train your swing by improving your form and enabling you to practice the point of contact of your ball strike – all resulting in better performance on the course!  

Deliver Consistency

Klockitgolf helps you achieve a consistent swing by helping you understand your strength in using various clubs for the perfect strike.

Better Performance

Klockitgolf helps to improve your drive and accuracy by enabling you to focus on ball contact and swing speed.

Warm Up

Klockitgolf is the best way to work on your form prior to a round of golf.  No matter your level of play, this training tool helps you practice the perfect swing to prepare for your best game!

KlockitGolf is the perfect golf simulator to help you work on form, strike, and focus. Use Klockitgolf to improve your swing as well as warm-up before you play:


KlockitGolf’s patented technology is extremely portable which stores easily in your golf bag

Industrial Strength Metal

Klockitgolf easily twists into the grass allowing you to hit the ball as hard as you can – without the fear that it will lift from the ground

Secure Rope Attachment

Klockitgolf’s secure attachment to the golf ball is made of nylon kernmantle rope which holds a strength of 550 pounds!

Keep Your Golf Ball

Klock It Golf comes with an attached golf ball, so no need to bring a bucket of balls to practice or worry about losing your balls in the woods or water!

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Loving my KlockIt! I picked up golf over the last couple of years and this tool has helped my contact tremendously. It’s quick to setup and makes it easy to practice your swing a little bit each day. I’d recommend this tool to any golfer, new or seasoned!


This tool is a convenient and easy way to practice your swing anytime and anywhere. Easily screws into ground. Inexpensive way to practice without the hassle of going to the range


I didn’t have the time to bring my son to the driving range every day like he wanted. So we set this up in the back yard and he now spends hours working on his swing. Perfect for anyone new to golf. The most convenient option to improving your game.