KlockitGolf Replacement Golf Balls


KlockitGolf Replacement Golf Balls


KlockitGolf’s golf training device is the perfect tool for building power and consistency.  Improve your form and drive to become the best golfer you can be!

KlockitGolf's ball is prone to wear and tare after being used regularly. It is the inevitable truth that golf balls wear over multiple rounds. Instead of purchasing a new KlockitGolf, we encourage customers to purchase a replacement ball! This way, we reduce our total environmental impact, and it allows you to continue perfecting your swing!

Its quick and easy clip-on design means no hassle and no downtime, so you can keep on swinging!

Comes in a pack of 2


Perfect Your Swing

Repetition is the key to retention! Klockitgolf helps train your swing by improving your form and enabling you to practice the point of contact of your ball strike – all resulting in better performance on the course!  

Deliver Consistency

Klockitgolf helps you achieve a consistent swing by helping you understand your strength in using various clubs for the perfect strike.

Better Performance

Klockitgolf helps to improve your drive and accuracy by enabling you to focus on ball contact and swing speed.

Warm Up

Klockitgolf is the best way to work on your form prior to a round of golf.  No matter your level of play, this training tool helps you practice the perfect swing to prepare for your best game!

See KlockitGolf in Action

Easily twists into the grass

Comes with an attached golf ball

The attachment to the golf ball is made of nylon kernmantle rope which holds a strength of 550 pounds



Love this thing! Great for working on my swing without having to go to the driving range.


I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend to help him practice. After seeing him out in the yard, I decided to give it a try and now I find myself outside practicing every other day!


 This is a cool gadget for golfers. You can practice your swing without needing to go to the range